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This is only a 1 minute preview of my Fluffy Sock Clip - Sock Fetish

I admit it, I love fuzzy fluffy socks, I wear them all the time, especially when I'm always sitting around in lingerie or nude, waiting on cam shows. I'm usually wearing my socks and I only found out recently that you guys love them too!

So today I have my ear phones in and I'm dancing away (it's usually my warm up before camming) it puts me in a good mood. There is a lot of toe pointing, and tow scruching etc in the socks, pushing the socks down, pulling the socks up. And.... you would probably not want to smell these socks as I wear them to bed and all day without changing them. (oh wait you would!).

Don't forget to check out my store, at the time of this video being released these socks were still available to buy, and much more.

Link to full clip - https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/977...

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