Video Game TV Show Ideas - Frantic Thoughts Ep. 58

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THIS WEEK I discuss video game tv show ideas, fortnite season 5, Superstore, and other fun things!
I also try out a new edit style... hope you like it!

00:00 -- Intro
01:24 -- Topic of the Week
13:43 -- Recommendation Minute
15:53 -- What's Happenin'
27:44 -- News of Interest
37:13 -- Wrap up, Plugs, and GOODBYES
40:09 -- End Song: Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island ReMix by nokbient "A Long Way Home" [Yoshi Start Demo] 

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Music Credit:
all music is from OCRemix --------
OC ReMix 2859 Yoshi Touch Go "Cloudhopping" [Flower Garden] by Chimpazilla
OC ReMix 544 Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island "Dino Band Rehearsal" [Athletic] by McVaffe
OC ReMix 184 Super Mario World 2 Yoshis Island "Indian Ragga" [Yoshis Island] by McVaffe
and Kevin Macleod "Funkorama" Royalty free

THANKS to @BBShelbo on twitter for my amazing podcast artwork!
Channel: Frantic

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